FIDE Grand Prix 2022 SeriesClassic 120+30 ∙FIDE Rated
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  • OrganizerWorld Chess
  • ParticipationInvitation-only
  • SystemRound-robin
  • RegionWorldwide
  • FIDE Rating>2600
  • Players26/26
  • Rounds14
  • StatusUpcoming
The FIDE Grand Prix 2022 is a series of three chess tournaments and the final qualifier for the Candidates Tournament. The top two finishers will qualify for the Candidates Tournament 2022, which is the final qualification stage for the World Chess Championship 2023. It’s organized by World Chess. 24 of the world’s top players take part in the Series.
Levon Aronian2772USA
Grand Prix schedule
Feb 03 — Feb 17Upcoming
Grand Prix 2022 Leg 1CountryBerlin, Unter den Linden 26-30
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Feb 28 — Mar 14Upcoming
Grand Prix 2022 Leg 2CountryBelgrade, Vladimira Popovića 10
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Mar 21 — Apr 04Upcoming
Grand Prix 2022 Leg 3CountryBerlin, Unter den Linden 26-30
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About the Grand Prix Series
There are 24 players. Each player will play in two out of three of the tournaments. Each tournament will have 16 players, and have a two-stage format.
In the first stage, the players are divided into four pools of four, and the players in each pool play a double round-robin mini-tournament. The four winners of the pools progress to the second stage.
In the second stage, the four pool winners play a knock-out tournament, consisting of semi-finals and a final. Both the semi-finals and final will consist of 2 regular time limit games, plus tie-breaks if required.
Players receive Grand Prix points according to their finishing position in each tournament. The two players with the most Grand Prix points across the two tournaments they play qualify for the Candidates Tournament 2022. Click here to see the rules and regulations.
Grand Prix points are awarded in the following format:
Semi-final loser7
2nd in pool4
3rd in pool2
4th in pool0
Leg 1 | BerlinLeg 2 | BelgradeLeg 3 | Berlin
1PlayerR. WojtaszekPlayerDmitry Andreikin
2PlayerAnish GiriPlayerAnish Giri
3PlayerWesley SoPlayerWesley So
4PlayerLevon AronianPlayerLevon Aronian
5PlayerS. MamedyarovPlayerS. Mamedyarov
6PlayerA. GrischukPlayerA. Grischuk
7PlayerRichard RapportPlayerRichard Rapport
8PlayerM. Vachier-LagravePlayerM. Vachier-Lagrave
9PlayerL. DominguezPlayerL. Dominguez
10PlayerHikaru NakamuraPlayerHikaru Nakamura
11PlayerNikita VitiugovPlayerNikita Vitiugov
12PlayerPentala HarikrishnaPlayerPentala Harikrishna
13PlayerVidit GujarathiPlayerVidit Gujarathi
14PlayerAndrey EsipenkoPlayerAndrey Esipenko
15PlayerDaniil DubovPlayerDaniil Dubov
16PlayerYu YangyiPlayerYu Yangyi
17PlayerSam ShanklandPlayerSam Shankland
18PlayerVladimir FedoseevPlayerVladimir Fedoseev
19PlayerAlexei ShirovPlayerAlexei Shirov
20PlayerAlexandr PredkePlayerAlexandr Predke
21PlayerGrigoriy OparinPlayerGrigoriy Oparin
22PlayerVincent KeymerPlayerVincent Keymer
23PlayerAmin TabatabaeiPlayerAmin Tabatabaei
24PlayerEtienne BacrotPlayerEtienne Bacrot
The prize fund of the Grand Prix Series 2022 — 450 000 €
Winner — 24 000 €
Runner-up — 18 000 €
Semi-finals — 12 000 €
5, 6, 7, 8 places — 9 000 €
9, 10, 11, 12 places — 7 000 €
13, 14, 15, 16 places — 5 000 €
How to attend
Limited number of tickets will be available for spectators in Berlin and Belgrade. You can request them here. More information on how to attend will be available following the consultation with the authorities.
The Grand Prix Series in Berlin will take place in the city centre at Unter den Linden 26-30. The rounds start at 3PM Berlin time.
Due to COVID restrictions currently in place, only a limited number of tickets are available. Please note that the 2G+ rule applies to the event, which means that visiting the venue is only possible for those who either have a complete vaccination with EU-certified vaccine or proof of recovery and can additionally present a booster dose certificate or a negative test result.
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